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Visit a reindeer herder family at their home

Have you ever dreamed of visiting a Reindeerherding family at their home? This is your opportunity. The Oskal Family is a family over 3 generations and they would love to welcome you to their home as their guests.

This is an exclusive and unique opportunity to meet a reindeer herding family. We will welcome you to their home and as a guest in their home they will serve you Sami traditional meal which is seasonal. You will also be able to participate in some traditional activities which are also seasonal, such as making of “Duodji”, Sami traditional handcraft.

Sámi people are proud of their cultural heritage such as their traditional outfits and those are only meant for Sámi people to wear. But they would love to borrow you other traditional outwear such as shoes, hat and mittens made of reindeer skin while you are visiting them. Imagine wearing warm boots made of reindeer skin, they say it feels like walking barefoot, but your feet are still warm.

They have a stationary home located 30 km away from Guovdageaidnu (Kautokeino) village. The main herd is on the mountain, but they always have some tame reindeers at their home.

Included: Sami Meal
Extra: Accomodation.
Duration: Daytrip or from one night – 4 night
Minimum number of guests: 2
Maximum number of guests: 8
Season: October – May


Price: From NOK 4000,- Check our brochure for more information.

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