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Arctic URBI AS

The Great Arctic North

Join us on an exclusive journey in our nature, take up the hunt for the lost arrow, and learn about how we value nature and can use it in our pharmacy.

Join us for a journey in the nature. We take you for a guided walk where you will learn how we use our nature as a pharmacy. A nice educational trip for both adults and children. As well as a great adventure for a family.

You will learn about Sami food traditions and Sami medicine traditions. After the tour we have some challenges and competitions. We end the tour in our base where you will gain insight into how we refine nature’s goods into tasty local food products.

The trip with us will give you an insight into our knowledge of traditions when it comes to Sami traditions.

Requrements: The trip is suitable for the curious and eager to learn who like to see, feel and learn as well as taste, while on a trip. The tour requires you to arrive on site by either car or bus. About 20-30 min drive from Alta. When you book the trip, you will receive accurate address.
Included: Tour in nature with communicator, equipment you other- wise need, storytelling, experiments, food and drink.
Duration: 4 hours
(total about 1 hours driving)
Minimum number of guests: 4
Maximum number of guests: 10
Minimum families: 1
Maximum families: 3
Season: June to September
Age limit: 16 year and up to individual groups. For Family groups we will adjust the trip suitable for the youngest member.


Prices 23/24 :

NOK 6800,- per person, Familie 2+2 NOK 16200,-

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