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Pirate Husky

Dogsledding – learn to mush

Ready to learn how to do dogsledding?

At Pirate Husky you are a part of the whole experience. We will teach you how to prepare the dog teams, and how to drive the sled. Hear the howling og eager sled dogs as we preapare for the trip, feel the butterflies in your belly as we start out from the kennel, and the silence that covers us as we sled into the arctic nature. Are you ready for the challenge?

We have different trips of length and challenge, from our short trip “A taste of Dogsledding”, our most popular trip “Halfday dogsledding” or if you really want to test the musher life, “Full day dogsledding”.

Requirements: The trips are suited for everyone. It’s however not recommended for people with back problems, or pregnant woman. It is also possible to do the trips in the night as a Northern Lights hunt.

Included: Guiding. Hot Beverage and a snack. The full day trip also includes lunch.

Minimum number of guests: 1
Maximum number of guests: 9

Season: December – April (as long as we have snow)
Age limit: 8 year (16 to drive the dog team)


Prices 2023/24:

  • Halfday tour, 10 kilometer mushing/ 3 hour activity.
    NOK 2200,- per adult, NOK 1100,- per child up to 16 years.
  • “A taste of dogsledding” about 4 km/2 hours activity,
    NOK 1200,- per person, children NOK 600,- up to 16 years old.
  • Full day dogsledding, about 30 km/6 hour activity
    NOK 3900,- per person, children up to 16 years old NOK 1950,-

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