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Ice fishing with Reindeers as transportation

Join us for Ice fishing on the local Arctic Char lake

We want to invite you to join us for some Ice fishing in our local lakes with arctic char in.

We will also serve you Traditional Sami meals of either Arctic Char or Reindeer meat cooked on open fire by the lake in- side a traditional Sami tent called lavvu.

You can hear stories about our culture and way of life while enjoying Sami traditional meals and hot beverage inside the lavvu.

We will travel by Reindeersledding, which is how Sami people travelled before the roads came in the 1960s. The lake is located 3-4 km away from the main Road.

You have to be in good shape in order to participate in this activity.

Included: Sami Meal
Extra: Accomodation.
Duration: Daytrip, 4-5 hours
Minimum number of guests: 2
Maximum number of guests: 10
Season: All the year around

We recommend the Luxurious Sámi glamping with Čávžo Safari.


Price 23/24:

NOK 2500,-

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