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Midnight sun in Porsangerfjorden

Kayak in Europe's northernmost archipelago Porsangerfjorden, or hike with us under the midnight sun.

In the summer the fjord is swimming in sun both day and night, and we are all drawn to it. If you want to come closer to the fjord, kayaking in the arctic is an memorable experience. The fjord is filled with small islands, and we will padle towards the famous Reinøya, with unique geological formations.

Kayaking is a great way to experience the arctic. Many are tempted by the chance to glide silently through the water and enjoy the magnificent nature in a peaceful manner.

For more of the midnight sun experience, we recommend a guided Midnight- sun hike to get the very best view of the fjord as the sun gets nice and low in the horizon, without ever leaving completely. Early, and late, in the midnight sun season, the sky lights up in amazing colors.

Demands: Medium physical
Kayakking: Kayak, warm and modern drysuite, life west, experienced guide, snack and hot beverage.
Midnight sun hike: Local guide, hot beverage and snack.

Kayak: 4 hours
Min/max pax: 2-6 persons

Midnight sun: 2-3 hours
Min/max pax: 1-20 persons

Kayakk: June – October
Midnights sun hike: June – July

Age limit: 16 years for Kayak, 8 years for hike.


Price 2023/24:

Kayakking: NOK 2200,- per person

Midnight sun hike: NOK 1200,-
per person

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