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Pirate Husky

Meet the Pirate Huskies

Our pack of 30 pure breed Siberian Huskies and the Pirate Lulu.

All year around we welcome guests to come meet the pack you can come train the puppies towards a life of sledding and cuddling or go for a hike with some of our happy sleddogs. We have daily departures for «Hiking with Huskies» and «Puppy training».

See their enthusiasm and joy as they get to meet new people and explore the world with us. Lenght and degree of difficulty can be adapted to the guests, and of course the dogs.

Demands: Suitable for everyone

Included: Guiding. Hot beverage and snack


Hiking with Huskies: 3 hours
Puppy training: 2 hours

Minimum: 2 guests
Maximum: 20 guests

Season: All year
Age limit: No limit


Price 2023/24:

Hiking with Huskies: NOK 650,- per person. NOK 450,- per child

Puppytraining: NOK 600,- per adult NOK 300,- per child up to 16 years

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