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Northern lights in Sápmi

Visit our Sámi family and hear about the 8 seasons and the northern light stories and myths.

Welcome to our cosy lavvo at our homestead here in Karasjok, in Northern Norway. We will share stories about life as reindeer herders, and the activities we do during our eight seasons. You will have the opportunity to meet our rein- deer, feed them and take photos.

We will serve you coffee or tea and our homemade dried reindeer meat in the lavvo. In the meantime we talk about «Guovssahasat», the Sami word for Northern lights. It literally means ‘the light you can hear’. You will hear stories and myths about the Northern lights in Sápmi, how they affected us in the past and how we regard the phenomenon today.

After a warming cup of coffee you can join us outside while we wait for the lights to appear. If they are not visible we will try to call on them with a «luohti», wich is a Sami way of singing. If the sky is cloudy and snowy we may not be able to see the northern lights. But if we are lucky and the skies are clear, we might catch a glimpse of the aurora dancing above us. After your visit, you will have learned about our life above the arctic circle and how we have lived in harmony with nature and the animals.


What to bring:

Warm clothes to wear outside and around the fireplace. They may smell a bit of smoke afterwards. We recommend to bring a tripod in case of good northern light conditions.

Included: Homemade reindeer meat snack, coffee/tea, winter clothes for loan on request.

Tour time: Time varies depending on light conditions.
Duration: about 2-3 hours
Degree of difficulty: 1⁄4
Number of guests: 4-20 pax
Season: 01.11.22-01.04.23


Price 2023/24:
NOK 1690,- per person
Children (4-14 year): NOK 845,-

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