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Guiding Porsanger

Experiences with Inuit dogs

Come and have fun with us and our teddy bears from Greenland! Join us for an aerial tour with a kick bike, ATV or cart. Or a walk in the forest with the pensioner dogs as company.

Vi har hagen full av inuithunder som trenger å få fart på potene.

Marit Holm offers her expertise and passion for nature and animals through Guiding Porsanger. She has extensive experience of being out in nature all year round. Already at the age of 23, she started an expedition through Alaska together with Lars Monsen and since then there have been many long and demanding expeditions and beautiful trips in the world’s wilds. It has been arctic nature that has been closest to her heart and now she has a burning desire that you too should experience the warm contact with arctic wilderness, on your terms. From being a hardcore adventurer, she is now keen to see the details and beauty in nature – the little things that make us happy.

Be my only guest, or come with your friend. I do not mix groups and take a maximum of four people on the experience. Degree of difficulty is adapted to the individual.

Duration: 2-3 hours

GUIDING PORSANGER – True love for nature and animals.
Your personal guide into the wild beautiful untouched nature. I want to let you meet the arctic wilderness for what it is, a pure and magical beauty. Walk with nature mindfully.


NOK 1,500 per person
Walk in the forest for 1-3 hours: NOK 900 for up to 2 people

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