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Čávzo Safari

Sami Restaurant Experience

An unusual Lavvu Restaurant experience in our Goahti. We would like to offer you a three-course Sami meal produced from local ingredients.

Accompanied by the view of our tame reindeer and the local nature with the famous Máze-Alta river flowing past, we would like to invite you to enjoy homemade Sami cuisine prepared with local ingredients.

We will serve reindeer meat and other local ingredients in the traditional way with modern twists. Each dish has its own history associated with it.

The menu varies according to our 8 seasons. You can choose a two- or three-course meal. All the courses are distinctive Sami dishes linked to our traditions with a modern twist.

Our Goahti is a modernized version of a Sámi Traditional Goahti.

Welcome for a different kind Restaurant experience!

We recommend combining with our other activities such as:
• Ráidu – Traditional Reindeer driving
• Unique to Čávžo Canyon with an unforgettable nature experience
• Luxurious Accommodation

Season: Open all year round
Minimum: 2 persons
Maximum: 30 persons


Price: From NOK 800,- per person

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