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Sami Path Official AS

5 day expedition

Embrace the winter wonderland as you explore the breathtaking landscape with reindeer sledding, husky safari, skiing, snowmobiling and even kiting on the frozen lakes. Discover the rich and unique Sami culture and traditions as you […]

Samipath Official AS

Northern lights chase on snowmobile

We would like to offer you an unforgettable 1-week northern lights chase in Karasjok, where you can immerse yourself in the fascinating Sámi culture and experience the thrill of ice fishing. Our expedition includes a […]


Arctic summer fishing adventure

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a newcomer to the sport, Viddeliv has everything you need for an unforgettable flyfishing experience in the Arctic Norway, Karasjok region. Our expert guides know every inch of the […]

Samipath Official AS

Husky expedition

We would like to offer you an unforgettable 5-day husky expedition for Christmas and Easter.Our expedition includes a range of exciting activities that aresure to create lasting memories. Our expedition also includes ice fishing, where […]

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Explore Sápmi with snowmobile

Join us on a scooter tour, experience our beautiful, raw nature and learn to throw the lasso. The tour starts from the Thon Hotel where the guests are given winter clothes. We drive two people […]

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Explore Sápmi

Welcome to Kautokeino, the beating heart of Sápmi and the home of the proud indigenous Sámi people. We present to you a magical adventure comprising of truly authentic experiences. Requirements: This trip is only suited […]

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Northern Light trip in Kautokeino

The northern lights, the moonlight and the clear clean the starry sky gives the dark time in the arctic a different, blue and spectacular light. We drive with snowmobiles into the vastness in search of […]

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Reindeer herd in Kautokeino

Kautokeino is Norway’s largest reindeer herding municipality where the traditions are still maintained. Join us for a trip to the reindeer herd and experience the everyday life of a reindeer herder in the mountains. On […]

Samipath Official AS

5 day packrafting

This is a trip where we paddle most of the trip. The raft we use is a packraft. Packrafts are forgiving—they bounce of rocks, float over shallow obstacles. We will be fishing a lot on […]

Wild Caribou AS

Opplev den arktiske naturen på truger

Velg å gå på dette fantastiske eventyret! Vi spenner på oss snøskoene og dykker rett inn i herlig norsk vinterlandskap! Fra vår base Wild Caribou drar vi ut i villmarken. Derfra finner vi et spor […]

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Riverboat Safari in Guovdageaidnu

In Kautokeino, nature is our source of food and the food is based on what nature gives us for every season of game, fish, birds and berries. It tastes heavenly, and best of all, it’s […]


Whale and seabird cruises

On this whale and bird safari departing from Burfjord, we sail out of Burfjorden and into Kvænangsfjorden while admiring the fantastic coastal landscape. The Kvænangsfjord is where the herring enter in October, and large gatherings […]