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Visit a reindeer herder family at their home

This is an exclusive and unique opportunity to meet a reindeer herding family. We will welcome you to their home and as a guest in their home they will serve you Sami traditional meal which […]

Pirate Husky

Midnight sun in Porsangerfjorden

In the summer the fjord is swimming in sun both day and night, and we are all drawn to it. If you want to come closer to the fjord, kayaking in the arctic is an […]

Reis grønt

Davvi Siida AS

Davvi Siida

Our love for our own culture and its people shows itself through the craft products we produce. Wool blankets with design and style on the carpet are inspired by traditional Sami patterns that safeguard Sami […]

Knivsmed Strømeng AS

Knifesmith Strømeng

The Strømeng family’s ancestors brought blacksmithing to Karasjok at the end of the 18th century. Since then, the family has passed down the craft traditions from generation to generation. Today Knivsmed Strømeng is one of […]

Tana Gull og Sølvsmie

Tana Gold and Silversmith

We are a cozy family business where both father and daughter are master goldsmiths. The company was founded in 1976 and is situated in the center of Tana Bru, next to the hotel and the […]

Tana Gull og Sølvsmie

Nordkapp Silversmith

Located right along the road to Nordkapp, 20 minutes from Russenes on a large plain before the Skarvberg tunnel. You will find our shop in an old restored blue-painted timber house with a worthwhile display […]

A bit of Arctic - Aurora Borealis

Homemade jewellery

Each piece of jewelery is unique and homemade. Feel free to come to my workshop at Bjørneveien 18 in Lakselv to see or buy jewellery. Welcome you shall be.