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Sami Path Official AS

5 day expedition

Embrace the winter wonderland as you explore the breathtaking landscape with reindeer sledding, husky safari, skiing, snowmobiling and even kiting on the frozen lakes. Discover the rich and unique Sami culture and traditions as you […]


Arctic summer fishing adventure

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a newcomer to the sport, Viddeliv has everything you need for an unforgettable flyfishing experience in the Arctic Norway, Karasjok region. Our expert guides know every inch of the […]


Icefishing expedition

Looking for an arctic adventure? Look no further than Viddeliv’s ice fishing tours! Experience the thrill of the catch as you fish for trout, char, bass and pike from Finnmarksvidda’s enormous number of lakes. But […]

Samipath Official AS

Husky expedition

We would like to offer you an unforgettable 5-day husky expedition for Christmas and Easter.Our expedition includes a range of exciting activities that aresure to create lasting memories. Our expedition also includes ice fishing, where […]

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Explore Sápmi with snowmobile

Join us on a scooter tour, experience our beautiful, raw nature and learn to throw the lasso. The tour starts from the Thon Hotel where the guests are given winter clothes. We drive two people […]


Gold mining in the Arctic

Looking for a once in a lifetime adventure? Look no further than Viddeliv’s ”Be a goldminer for a week in the Arctic” experience! Hop on an ATV and embark on a thrilling 3-hour journey into […]


Grouse hunting

We will transport you to hunting area and provide you with a camp. The tents are equipment with gas heater or wood- burning oven, Foldable beds lined with reindeer skins or other soft material We […]

Wild Caribou AS

The cosiness of an Arctic Lavvu Eat – Relax – Walk

Have you been driving long and feel the urge to stretch your legs? Then you are on the right place! Here at Wild Caribou we have all you need to turn your pit stop into […]

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Wild Caribou AS

The magic of the sky: Northern lights with local charm

Have you heard about the northern lights, but never seen them? Then join us on the chase for that magical light! We meet at our home place Wild Caribou where we give you a warm […]

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Sokki Adventure

A deeper insight to the living Sámi culture

Would you like to take part in a distinctive Sami experience? Join us at our camp in Guovdageaidnu (Kautokeino) for a day of storytelling and activities with Sokki Adventure, giving you an unique possibility to […]

Pirate Husky

Finnmark fall-time with Sleddogs

Dogsledding with Pirate Huskies is more than stading behind a team of dogs. You will learn how to preapare and harness the dogs in your team, and help get ready. You will also stear the […]

Pirate Husky

Dogsledding – learn to mush

At Pirate Husky you are a part of the whole experience. We will teach you how to prepare the dog teams, and how to drive the sled. Hear the howling og eager sled dogs as […]

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